Satisfaction Guarantee

satisfactiongteedAt Chrissie Designs Jewellery we care a great deal about our customers. We want you to be completely satisfied; 100% happy. In fact we want you to love wearing our jewellery so much that we will always replace anything you buy or are given, and are not 'in love with,' for another of our designs. 


Get in touch with us to let us know that you will be sending your jewellery back and which piece you would like to replace it. Put it in the post within 14 days and we will send the replacement postage free. Please remember to get a proof of postage; any Post Office will be happy to provide it.


In addition, we guarantee our jewellery for one year, so if it breaks just return it to us; we can either repair it for you or give you a replacement. As with any retailer, we cannot accept the return of earrings for hygiene reasons; your statutory rights remain unaffected.


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