Rose Quartz & Hematite Side Necklace SCSSilverN002

Rose Quartz Side Necklace
Rose Quartz Side NecklaceClose up


Nothing says "I Love You" more than a piece of orininal, stunning jewellery made with the love stone Rose Quartz....

This unique, one off design is a true statement piece.

Made of Rose Quartz and Hemetite beads, the necklace is partly three stranded and partly one strand. Stunningly joined at the side with a square piece of Rose Quartz which has been  beautifully decorated with sterling silver wirework it makes an amazing statement piece.


As part of the Chrissie Designs "Exclusively Yours" Collection it is guarentee never to be reproduced.


It comes in a stylish button fronted box

£ 290.00 Width: 5 cm
Length: 50 cm

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