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This is a Collection of pieces of jewellery that are one-off designs. You can find them in most of the various Chrissie Designs Collections. With our guarantee that the design will not be duplicated, giving you an exclusive piece of Chrissie Designs Jewellery.


In this Collection only Sterling silver and Gold 'fill' Wire are used. For those who love to wear precious metals these pieces have been specially designed to show off the full range of twisted wire design techniques .


Precious and semi-precious stones are used in this collection. Many of these designs are one-off pieces from the "Exclusively Yours" Collection, all of which are guaranteed never to be duplicated. It is said that these stones have special healing properties and this has been highlighted in their description, along with birthstone information. 

"CULTURED PEARL" COLLECTIONTiaraCULTURED PEARLS  SWIRLS Ivory Bewa Cultured Pearls  Scrolls in non-tarnish Gold  Silver Plated Wire Ht 4.5cm 239

The use of Cultured Pearls for this Collection makes it very special. Designed as Bridal Jewellery all the pieces can be worn for any special occasion. Their designs are made even more special and different by the use of twisted wire work.


The largest collection is the "Wedding" Collection. With Bridal and Bridesmaid jewellery, matching sets and hair jewellery. Designs are different and original with styles ranging from Vintage to Classical and Modern.


Hearts always have special significance and make very special presents. Here we have designed a collection that is uniquely different due to its unusual twisted wire work and use of other beads and small semi-precious stones.


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