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Date: 11/28/2012

Subject: RE: Thanks for endorsing me

Not a problem, Chrissie, I've seen your work and it's lovely!

Best wishes



       Sarah Pitt

       Chrissie, I just wanted to say how much my mum loved her necklace and earrings. I took ages to choose because I was                
       spoilt for choice! She absolutely loves them. Thank you for my beautiful necklace too, I wore it last night for my birthday,

       love      Sarah x



       Jacqui Malpass


       Glad you are enjoying it at 4NChepstow, me too and I love the necklace I won in the raffle at Gwent Business Women’s





Karen Gane, Director, Advantage Gane HR

I have commissioned several pieces from Chrissie, including full sets, scarf art, bracelet/cuff and rings. I adore Chrissie's work beyond words, it is so unique and personal. My mother-in-law cried when she saw her gift and knew it had been designed especially for her.









Thank you so much for this afternoon, we absolutely loved it and I've already told anyone who would listen all about it! I've just done a new post on my blog if you want to check it out and obviously you can link to it on your website or anything you want http://dreamingofavonlea.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/wirework-jewellery-a-new-crafting-love/ and I'll put a link to it on facebook too!


Thanks again,


Lara and Nicola x





       Judith Maxwell

       Good Morning,


       Hope you have had a good weekend! Yes, I have been wearing my jewellery - really pleased with it!


       Lots of love,


       Judith XXX



       Katherine Tovey

       "My recent attendance at Chrissie's Wire-craft jewellry workshop was brilliant.  I learned many techniques that included       
        the use of wire for encasing stones and beads, for using the wire in decoration and the different ways in which to finish    
        the wire effectively.  I also had tuition in how to use the basic tools used in this type of jewellery making and how to    
        handle them in the most effective and productive way, as well as learning about the different wires, crimps, clasps and
        their correct application to the jewellery.  Chrissie was patient and clear in her teaching and was easy to talk to and ask  
        questions of.  She encouraged natural creativity to flow and made space for my own jewellery to grow organically into its
        own design, whilst supporting me in technique.  And to top it off she has a fantastic sense of humour which had me
        laughing most of the day!  I left the workshop absolutely thrilled with the pieces I had made, inspired to make more, and
        feeling I had got fantastic value for my money. Thanks Chrissie."



        Lucy AllenBristol 

        Thank you so much for a fantastic day today. I have learnt lots and had such a fun time, can't wait to repeat it.      
        Take care. Lucy.













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